Philadelphia Care Center 

Your health affects every part of your life. Likewise, your life affects your health. That’s why AbsoluteCare focuses on the whole you, with both medical and life services.

Here in Philadelphia, our center cares for members referred to us. We treat common illnesses and infectious diseases. We fill prescriptions and deliver them, too. In fact, if you need a ride to an appointment, we’ll pick you up and take you back home. That’s just one way we address medical and life issues in a single visit.

African-American doctor sitting on the couch and consulting African-American woman while both wear covid masks

Coordinated services for the whole you

We are so much more than infectious disease treatment. We help the whole you. We fill medications and offer behavioral healthcare. We create healthy meal plans and serve as your primary care provider. We offer to counsel and take x-rays.

Primary Care

Primary Care

Health, wellness, holistic care,
and prevention are at
the core of what we do.

Life Services

Life Services

We work with members on everything from Social Work to Behavioral Health.



Our radiology services are state-certified; ultrasound services are ICAEL-certified.

Pharmacy with Delivery

Pharmacy with Delivery

Our full‐service, on‐site pharmacy provides
better coordination of care between
your pharmacist and your physician.



Our CLIA-certified laboratory, with state‐of‐the‐art technology, brings the convenience of on-site testing to our members.



Need a ride? We’ll pick you up and take you home.

What’s Our Why?

At AbsoluteCare, we asked our team members, “Why do you show up every day as your full self? Why do you love what you do?” Here’s what they have to say:

African American woman in blue clothing smiling at camera

Kimberly | Referral Coordinator

Because everyone needs a helping hand sometimes.

Man with beard and mustache smiling at camera with window in background

Dan | Operational Compliance Specialist

Because I want to be sure we provide the best care to those who need it.

Woman in blue smiling at camera - Katie

Katie | Nurse Practitioner

This is my calling; it’s what I’m meant to do. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be my best self. 

Blonde woman smiling at camera - Laura

Laura | Staff Pharmacist

Because I want our members to know it’s never too late to start making healthy lifestyle choices and we will be with them every step of the way. 

Man smiling at camera - Foti

Dr. Greg Foti | Chief of Innovative Medical Operations

I work with our teams to evolve our care model to continue to improve outcomes and change our members’ lives.

Woman in purple smiling at camera - Karen

Karen | Nurse Care Manager

I want to work with a team that is passionate about what our members’ really want and need. THIS is that team.

Man with beard smiling at camera - Danny

Danny | Behavioral Health Consultant

Because I want to create a safe space for everyone to share their genuine thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement.

African American woman smiling at camera - Carrie

Carrie | Nurse Care Manager

I am an encourager and health educator who wants my members to be the best they can be!

Close up of woman with gray hair smiling at camera

Babette Fullington | National Director of Quality

Because every person deserves the highest quality of care possible.

African American man with beard, bow tie and light suit smiling at camera

Dr. Rodrick Stewart | Primary Care

Because I never had a doctor who looked like me growing up.

What’s happening at AbsoluteCare?

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