Diversity Statement

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AbsoluteCare Diversity Statement

Living Our Values

Our core values of Accountability, Caring, Trust, and Teamwork are more than good words. They are ideals we breathe life into every day, whether in service to our members or in partnership with our teammates. These values make up the foundation of our strategies to implement value-based healthcare for our communities.



Our members come to us seeking solace from the harsh realities of their world. It’s a world where housing can be unstable; nutrition, unbalanced; transportation, unreliable; and healthcare, untrustworthy.

Every day, we aim to address inequities, including those that go beyond medical care. That means the people we bring in to assist our members must know where they come from, understand how they got there, and recognize what it takes to improve every aspect of their lives. In other words, they must have passion, compassion, grit, and determination.
They must be accountable, caring, trustworthy, and able to work as a team.

Company Culture

The same respect and kindness we show every single member extends to every single teammate at AbsoluteCare. Not only do we ensure that all feel safe and welcome here (see Our Big Idea), but we do everything we can to recognize accomplishments, celebrate achievements, and even heal each other’s hearts.

Life Happens

Caring and teamwork compose half of our company’s core values. Through the Life Happens fund, we ACT2 help teammates facing hardships. The fund is fully supported by AbsoluteCare’s teammates and disbursed to those who face financial hardships due to illness, injury, death, and home damage not covered by insurance.

Caught Caring

There’s no shortage of teammates caught caring on the job. Nominations from those witnessing these acts of kindness pour in each month, and Our Caught Caring program recognizes and tangibly acknowledges winners monthly, quarterly, and annually to show our gratitude for going #beyondmedicine. Learn more here.


To quote an old sit-com: “There’s cake in the conference room.” Whether we’re throwing pizza parties to celebrate team wins, dressing up for spirit week or going on scavenger hunts for knowledge, we take pride in our community of compassionate professionals, and we like to show it.

Our Mission

To address our members’ health and life needs in our centers and communities through our concierge, PCP-led care teams.

Our Vision

Heath restored to all our vulnerable and chronically ill neighbors.

Our Values

ACT2—Accountability, Caring, Trust, and Teamwork

Every day, we act to show:


We are responsible for doing what we say we’ll do.


The needs of our team and members matter.


Our members can rely on us.


We are one inclusive team.