Data Drivers

We often hear about our healthcare system being “broken.” That means our current system is not designed to address the needs of everyone, especially not the clinically complex, vulnerable members we meet at AbsoluteCare. America’s traditional healthcare is not efficient or effective for the patient, and it doesn’t work for the providers of care, either. It must be both for everyone.

Data—and Member—Driven

The health of our members drives us to be better at what we do in our centers and in the community. And the data drives us to be better stewards of their health and our partners dollars. We collect real-time, holistic, and actionable data from multiple disparate sources, which we share with our teams and partners.

AbsoluteCare’s actionable data is extracted from real-time diverse data streams, including:

  • HIE and direct hospital interfaces
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Payer, partner, and community-based organization data
  • AbsoluteCare Pharmacy data
  • Data is exchanged via SFTP transmission to AbsoluteCare’s HITRUST CSF-certified environment.
  • ETL engine homogenizes disparate data sources

All data is stored in our enterprise data warehouse, which serves as a one-stop shop business-intelligence driver.

Proprietary algorithms have been built for the following:

  • Population Identification – Complex members exhibiting cost persistence
  • Population Health Dashboard – Ongoing member tracking and monitoring; CM/UM system
  • Community PCP Profiles – Utilization trends, quality gaps in care, and diagnostic coding accuracy shared with community PCPs
  • Quality & Risk Scoring – Stars/HEDIS and HCC/risk score forecasting and performance monitoring system

Results-Driven, Too

Our Medical Economics team collaborates with every AbsoluteCare team member to transform not only the lives of our members but healthcare itself. Our health plan partners benefit financially from each member who lives a full, meaningful life.

It starts with a simple mathematical formula: Identify + Engage = Transform.


Our cutting-edge, proprietary algorithm leverages statistical methods of artificial intelligence to match our care model to the members most suited for it. Our members are vulnerable and chronically ill and spend the most healthcare dollars.


We use SDoH and behavioral and physical health markers to create care team relationships, including assigning a PCP. An eye on population health management, risk stratification, and segmentation helps us deliver meaningful care at the right time, in the right place.


Data specialists collaborate with frontline care teams to pinpoint actionable data and transformative clinical insights. With these, we develop innovative and creative clinical programs designed to change our members’ lives and disrupt the status quo of healthcare.