Putting the IDEA into Practice

Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity—for All

What’s the Big IDEA?

At AbsoluteCare, we give the values of IDEA far more than lip service. They’re our service model for teammate and member alike.

When you join us in your healthcare role, you are encouraged to bring your authentic self to work. Here, we celebrate our differences, whether they’re social, physical, or cultural. These differences are how we promote greater understanding of the world we live in and the people we serve.

IDEA Statement

To ensure a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment for our employees, members, and partners, AbsoluteCare embraces and celebrates the diversity of the communities we serve. We value every employee and partner for their individual contributions to our promise to improve every member’s quality of life.

Power to Our People

“Diversity, inclusion, and equity are the life force of an organization. Putting these values into practice must be intentional, thoughtful, and strategic; it cannot be an afterthought. Every day that our teammates improve the lives of our members is a day that AbsoluteCare has improved the lives of our teammates. We set the example of respect, inclusivity, and a sense of belonging so that it can be passed on to everyone we serve.”
– Vivian Bright, National Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Professional Development

Taking Pride in Our Differences
Taking Pride in Our Differences

We are allies of our LGBTQ+ team members, and we celebrate Pride Month year-round, advocating for equality in and out of the workplace. This is important for many of the communities we serve.

Building Diversity Councils
Building Diversity Councils

These champions of diversity solicit suggestions from their teammates for workplace improvements, recognition, equity, rewards programs, and more. They meet monthly to present these new ideas and select what will be sent to AbsoluteCare’s Culture Club for evaluation and implementation.

Honoring Our Heritage
Honoring Our Heritage

We honor the rich heritage of our teammates and members throughout the year with educational experiences and communications that highlight the contributions of these communities.

Come As You Are

We celebrate the many cultures of AbsoluteCare. Here are just some of the ways:

Do You Share Our Passion for Compassion?

People drive us and sustain us. Making sure they have the same opportunities for health and wellbeing, the same respect afforded to us all, and the same resources for a good life are the things that motivate us. Do you share our passion—for people, for healthcare, for big IDEAs?