Member-Centric Care

AbsoluteCare is more than healthcare building. It’s a set of multi-disciplinary care teams that enwrap each of our members, whether in our comprehensive care centers; in the communities where they live, work, shop, and worship; in other care facilities; or our members’ own homes.

Small member panels allow these teams to address short- and long-term needs and meet health and social goals. They communicate, collaborate, and coordinate with each other, the healthcare system, and our members, for a member-centric, results-driven experience.


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Improving Adherence

Primary and urgent care, behavioral health care, an in-house pharmacy, an infusion center and lab—it’s all here, under one roof (and often outside our walls). That’s how we reduce barriers to care like time and transportation. By offering transportation and assistance with food, housing, and clothing, we are able to establish trust—an often-neglected aspect of wellness—to improve the health and life of the person, rather than simply manage the symptoms of chronic disease and other ailments.

Improving Outcomes, Reducing Costs


Our cutting-edge, proprietary algorithm leverages statistical methods of artificial intelligence to match our care model to the members most suited for it. Our members are vulnerable and chronically ill and spend the most healthcare dollars.


We use SDoH and behavioral and physical health markers to create care team relationships, including assigning a PCP. An eye on population health management, risk stratification, and segmentation helps us deliver meaningful care at the right time, in the right place.


Data specialists collaborate with frontline care teams to pinpoint actionable data and transformative clinical insights. With these, we develop innovative and creative clinical programs designed to change our members’ lives and disrupt the status quo of healthcare.