Physical Health Care

There’s more to tending to our members’ physical health than taking their vitals and refilling their meds. Our work with each member intends to optimize, stabilize, and minimize; that is, we offer primary care, chronic care, and preventive care—all crucial to a person’s well-being and we serve up this care that goes beyond medicine in our comprehensive care centers and, often, outside them. Our small member panels—around 275 per provider—ensure that we have time to listen to each member’s story to build a trusting relationship. That’s part of the care beyond medicine.™

Primary Care

We work with members as the primary care physician (PCP) of record or act as a liaison between members and their community PCPs. Regardless, AbsoluteCare is the primary point of medical expertise to lead care. Through our care model, we are able to optimize our members’ care.

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  • Provide continuity of care through a single point of contact
  • Advocate for our members with specialists and coordinate multiple consultants involved in care
  • Perform annual comprehensive physical exams
  • Treat acute illnesses and injuries

Chronic Health Care

Sometimes our members require more frequent visits to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

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  • Coordinate and follow up after illnesses or injuries to prevent complications related to chronic conditions
  • Provide comprehensive care plans focused on self-management for each condition to halt or stall disease progression
  • Schedule regular touchpoints for health coaching and patient education aimed at health maintenance and medication adherence
  • Triage phone calls and same-day appointments to support unexpected changes in health conditions

Preventive Care

Annual physical exams are one way to catch diseases early and prevent others.

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  • Perform regular cancer and other health screenings
  • Discuss health and safety concerns based on age, behavior, and lifestyle
  • Share useful health information and harm-reduction strategies
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Optimized, Stabilized, Minimized

Primary, chronic, and preventive care all work together to create physical health, but they are not the complete picture. For each member, we also address:

  • Substance use challenges and mental and behavioral health
  • Social determinants of health
  • Transitional care in cooperation with outside facilities