COVID Calling

By Dr. Anoop Raman
AbsoluteCare Chief Medical Officer

The COVID Clinic at AbsoluteCare is one of the most important things we’ve been able to do during the pandemic. We quickly employed a COVID Response Team to act urgently to adapt how we offer care to our thousands of members—and take care of our own staff.

For a few months in early 2020, we were nearly 100 percent telehealth, as the pandemic dictated. In June, we brought our care teams back in rotating shifts. We are still not operating at full capacity; however, thanks to our COVID Response Team, we’ve been able to care for every member who has needed it, safely and effectively.

From that team sprang the COVID Vaccine Team (COVAXXIT). They have been working with state regulators to secure one of the three vaccines in enough doses to administer to any member and employee who wants one. We are one of the earliest outpatient practices that has been able to vaccinate members onsite. It means our nurses and physicians have the time to answer questions regarding the vaccines, allay fears, and administer COVID vaccinations that protect our members and our community, so that we can crush COVID together.

Finally, there’s the Long COVID Clinic. Long COVID is a syndrome that persists for several weeks to months. Symptoms can include shortness of breath, persistent cough, extreme fatigue, brain fog, and loss of taste and smell. Our team of infectious disease experts can evaluate these issues, perform tests, and provide the appropriate, evidence-based treatments for our members. Through the dedication of our physicians and integrated care teams, we have already seen transformational improvements in our members’ lives with this condition.

For answers to questions about the COVID-19 vaccines, please see our Frequently Asked Questions here: For more information about our Long COVID Clinic, please visit: