Members of the Team

AbsoluteCare is on your team. As a member, you’re surrounded by group of professionals called a care team. Your core care team includes a primary care provider (PCP), two nurse care managers, a licensed social worker, and a medical assistant. They make sure every one of your services complements your treatment plan.

How can we create a healthy care-life balance?


We treat you with compassion as we work together to improve every part of your life.


Convenience is having your entire care team—from medical services to life services—under one roof.


Healthcare coordination happens here! Your expert care team works for and with you.

Doctor sharing information on tablet computer with patient inside doctor's office

Here’s what our members say:

“I felt like they didn’t have any other patients.”
“I feel like I can conquer the world.”
“They really do care.”
“I can see my doctor and get my medicine at the same place.”
“My van driver helps me to my front door after my appointment.”
“I felt like I was special.”

We meet you where you are.

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