The Evolving Behavioral Health Model: A Member Success Story

By Warren Conner
National Director of Social Work, AbsoluteCare

Addressing the mental health of a population whose stories are ones of betrayal, trauma, and drug addiction can be challenging. At AbsoluteCare, we focus on building trust through our interdisciplinary healthcare teams.

When we first met Mr. H in 2019, he was 47 and agitated. His house had burned down while he was inside, and the fire gave him a gaping wound on his leg. Our assessment showed he was suffering from PTSD, but he was guarded and struggling with substance use disorder. This rendered him unable to follow a treatment plan for his wound, which was consistently infected. Homelessness further complicated his treatment.

Mr. H’s care manager arranged for wound care and follow-up. His care team connected him with a partnering addiction treatment center, and he spoke with our social workers about housing and insurance assistance. Our dietitian offered nutrition counseling and support for his wound healing. And every step of the way, his therapist was there as his advocate and his cheerleader.

Today, Mr. H is an auto mechanic with stable housing. He is no longer using drugs and has scheduled himself to get a skin graft to treat that wound once and for all.