She/Her/Hers: Gender Affirmed

A Member Story

She called AbsoluteCare looking specifically for gender-affirming care—especially a provider who specializes in healthcare for the transgender community.

Like many in the LGBTQIA+ community, She had difficulty “coming out” to her previous provider for fear of being discriminated against or judged. But She was looking to begin hormone replacement and faced doing so or moving to someone willing to respect and affirm Her gender.

The care doesn’t stop, however, with hormone replacement. “Beyond medicine” means we look for all the ways our members will need to be supported throughout their lives. For Her, like with many in the transgender community, this meant having a strong family or social support system. Having support outside our Center is shown to increase adherence to the treatment regimen, certainly. But more important: it provides these members with the support they need while they are in the process of becoming their authentic self.

For that, we directed Her to our own behavioral health specialists—also experienced in providing gender-affirming care.

Since first walking into our doors three years ago, She has had several gender-affirming surgeries and has successfully medically transitioned. She now lives Her authentic self with Her significant other and, best of all, She is happy.