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Leader Spotlight: Faith Tarver, Vice President of Behavioral Health

Faith Tarver has spent much of her life—since third grade—in Florida. But it’s not the Florida sunshine she credits for her sunny disposition. “I grew up in a fitness-focused household, so overall health, interest in sports, and an active lifestyle were ingrained in me at an early age.” As she grew up, Faith realized that when she was inactive, both her physical and mental health seemed to suffer for it.

That connection between physical and mental health sparked Faith’s career path. “I became more interested in exploring the mind-body connection, which led me to behavioral health.”

Her first job as a teen was lifeguard at the YMCA. Lifeguarding made her vigilant and helped her adapt and respond to changing conditions. “These skills continue to guide me in my day-to-day work and life.” She learned to be accountable for her decisions and communicate effectively.

Those skills are important to her as a leader at AbsoluteCare. But even more important has been the role of diversity to her behavioral health team. “Hiring, welcoming, and surrounding myself with smart, motivated people with diverse skills and perspectives has helped me and my team reach our goals and develop best-in-class clinical programs.” These programs promote positive health outcomes for our members.

One hurdle she faces, though, is the stigmatization of behavioral health care. The fault lies, in part, with a fragmented healthcare system that segments care. “This is why the work we do at AbsoluteCare is so valuable. We’re at the forefront of treating the whole person and streamlining healthcare delivery.”

Fidelity to the values of teamwork and inclusivity, a belief in the interconnectedness of mental and physical health, and a strong cheerful outlook make Faith the consummate leader and teammate. Most weekends, you’ll find her playing beach volleyball, where those principles come into play regularly. “We work hard for each other on the court, including lifting each other up after mistakes so we can make the adjustments we need to win.” The same principles apply to creating a successful work environment. “When everyone on the team is focused on shared goals—working off each other’s strengths and learning from mistakes—the team is unstoppable!”

Faith lives in Tampa with her 10-year-old lab/Dutch shepherd mix, Derby. She spends most of her free time outdoors—cycling, on the beach, or paddleboarding on the water to relax and unwind. Faith believes in leaving people and places better than when she found them, which she finds as easy to do as to say. “You never know what small thing can change someone else’s day for the better; a smile, a laugh, a handshake, hug, or conversation. Not to mention it makes me feel happy, too!”

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