Alive and Well

A Member Success Story

Mr. G came to AbsoluteCare following a weeklong stay in the hospital after a suicide attempt. He was delivered to our comprehensive care center directly upon discharge, and he wasn’t quite sure where he was, believing he’d been sent to an inpatient treatment center against his wishes. He was guarded and agitated.

Our behavioral health counselor introduced himself to Mr. G and took him on a tour of the center. He gave him a rundown of the services that could help Mr. G with both his physical and behavioral health conditions. But, he said, Mr. G’s treatment decisions were his alone, and we would respect them. His demeanor softened instantly when we realized he was being offered exactly the kind of care he needed. He eagerly enrolled in our program.

Mr. G’s suicide attempt was the culmination of many chronic physical and behavioral health issues: hypertension, neuropathy, sciatica, insomnia, amphetamine use disorder, opioid use disorder, ADHD, and bipolar 2 disorder.

At just 40 years old, Mr. G had struggled with suicidal ideation since adolescence. This caused significant impairments in his social and occupational functioning. He had started to use methamphetamines to deal with symptoms of depression and ADHD, but soon lost control of his use. Eventually, due to his methamphetamine use and other self-destructive behaviors, he lost his job as a ride-share driver and was homeless upon his discharge from the hospital.

Once under our care, he began to see significant improvements in his mood. Mr. G’s prescribed medications substantially reduced his suicidal thoughts for the first time in many years. Proper treatment of ADHD eliminated his cravings for methamphetamine; he has not used in the months after his hospitalization.

Mr. G has set his own health and social goals. He has become more active and now walks an hour a day to improve his mood, lower his blood pressure, and lose weight. He is actively making plans to clear up his debts and regain his ride-share driving privileges. He likes the job’s flexibility, which is especially important to him on days when his psychiatric symptoms are the most debilitating. He uses his therapy sessions to further his work on this important goal.

Since his first visit to AbsoluteCare, Mr. G has become fully engaged in his medical and behavioral health care and has not missed a single appointment. He is living with a friend while he works to get independent housing.

We are grateful to our collaborative teams for coming together to address Mr. G’s serious health issues, but we are even more grateful that Mr. G is alive and on the road to being well.